More About ProTherm
Understanding the relationship among structure, function and thermodynamics of proteins is one of the important goals in protein research. Although databases for structural and functional information of proteins have been available, there was no on-line accessible thermodynamic database. Thus, we decided to create an electronically accessible database, ProTherm: Thermodynamic Database for Proteins and Mutants, and opened it to public through the Internet in 1998. ProTherm includes several thermodynamic data (unfolding Gibbs free energy change, enthalpy change, heat capacity change, transition temperature, activity etc.), structural information (secondary structure, accessibility etc.), measuring methods, experimental conditions and literature information. Since then, we have continued to collect experimental data (collecting about 2,500 to 3,000 data per year), and improve the functionality of the database and search/visualization interface (see the list in What's New). In order to make quality control and feedback the user's opinion to improve the database, we have sent e-mails to the corresponding authors of each paper included in ProTherm, asking them to check their data and provide suggestions. We have a scientific advisory board to hear advice regularly. We believe that ProTherm is becoming an important resource for researchers studying protein structure, folding, stability and engineering. The number of entries has reached 14,500 this year. We will try to continue the data collection and the improvement of the database. It is very laborious work to collect data from literature. In the future, therefore, we would like to implement a system by which we can collect experimental data directly from researchers. Please send your opinion and suggestions to us, which will help us to improve the database.