Cross-References from PDB,PIR and SWISS-PROT to ProTherm
The following tables show the correspondence between the database entries of PDB, PIR and SWISS-PROT and ProTherm entries. In the case of PDB, Table 2 contains links for PDB entries in which percentage of sequence identity with corresponding ProTherm protein sequence is higher than 95%. These tables can be used to create pointers from these database entries to ProTherm.

1. PDB to ProTherm [100%] ; Table without link Download zip file(updated:June 13 2011)
2. PDB to ProTherm [95% and higher] Download zip file (updated:June 13 2011; 9.5MB compressed file without link)
3. PIR to ProTherm Download zip file(updated:June 13 2011)
4. SWISS-PROT to ProTherm Download zip file(updated:June 13 2011)

  • Direct linking from PDB to ProTherm entries:

  • You can link from structural information to corresponding ProTherm entries by using URL:****
    where **** corresponds to 4-letter PDB ID. You can also specify multiple PDB IDs separated by comma. Once this information is sent to ProTherm, the program automatically finds homologues of the structure (95% identity and higher), and display the list of corresponding ProTherm entries with some essential information.