ProTherm is a collection of numerical data of thermodynamic parameters such as Gibbs free energy change, enthalpy change, heat capacity change, transition temperature etc. for wild type and mutant proteins, that are important for understanding the structure and stability of proteins. It also contains information about secondary structure and accessibility of wild type residues, experimental conditions (pH, temperature, buffer, ion and protein concentration), measurements and methods used for each data, and activity information (Km and Kcat ).

ProTherm is cross-linked with sequence databases (PIR and SWISS-PROT), structural database (Protein Data Bank), functional database (Protein Mutant Database), and literature database (PubMed). Moreover, the thermodynamic information is integrated with structural and functional information through the relational database, 3DinSight. The WWW interface enables users to search data based on various terms with different sorting options for outputs, and view three dimensional structures with automatically mapped mutation sites and surrounding amino acids. For more detail about ProTherm, please see here.

Please note that this database is under constant development. There will be changes without prior notice. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve this database.