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Protein Name         Protein List
Protein Source         Source List
PDB_Code         PDB List
Protein Sequence  
Mutation   To Single Double Multiple Wild
Sec.Str   Helix Sheet Turn Coil
ASA_Free   To
Nucleic Acid Name  
Nucleic Acid Source  
Nucleic Acid Type dsDNA ssDNA RNA Others
NDB_Code         NDB List
Nucleic Acid Sequence  
T   To    C
pH   To
Kd   x 10    To   x 10 M
dG   To kcal/mol
dH   To kcal/mol
dCp   To kcal/mol/K
Author         Author List
Year   To                                                     Reference List
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Protein Name Protein Source Biological_unit Fragment E.C.Number
Mutation protein ASA_Free ASA_Complex Sec_Str Nucleic Acid Name
Nucleic Acid Source Nucleic Acid Type GenBank_No. Complex_DB_No Ligand
T pH Buffer_Name Buffer_Conc Additives
Ion Name Ion_Conc Method Kd_Wild Kd_Mutant
Ka_Wild Ka_Mutant dG_Wild dG_Mutant dH_Wild
dH_Mutant dCp_Wild dCp_Mutant Stoichiometry Activity_Km
Activity_Kcat Author Reference

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