Release Notes
ProNIT 2.0 (Current version)

We have made some corrections in the ProNIT database. We are releasing the new corrected version as a new release, ProNIT 2.0.

Several entries in the old database are deleted (due to duplication, co-operative binding, etc..). The data is now renumbered. A mapping table with old and new entries is given.

The major corrections/modifications are listed below.
  1. The protein names are unified. After unification now there are 158 proteins.

  2. Added a new field SYNONYMS for all proteins.

  3. For some entries the protein source was missing. This is corrected.

  4. For some entries the PIR code was missing. This is corrected.

  5. Added a new field SWISS_PROT for all entries.

  6. For some entries the BIOLOGICAL UNIT was missing. This is corrected

  7. ASA_FREE and ASA_COMPLEX for the mutant proteins were calculated using GETAREA . SEC_STR information is added for mutant proteins.

  8. Added a new field TYPE_NUC, where we provide the information about whether the nucleic acid sequence is a DNA (single-stranded or double-stranded) or RNA (mRNA, tRNA, rRNA, snRNA). A search option is provided to retrieve the data based on ssDNA, dsDNA or RNA.

  9. Conformation of protein and nucleic acid for some entries were missing. These errors are corrected.

  10. In some entries, the mutant sequences were missing. For some entries the wild sequences were not available. These errors are corrected.

  11. The experimental conditions were re-checked out against the papers. Errors are corrected.

  12. All buffer concentrations are now in mM.

  13. Ion names are unified. The format at present is: chemical name (chemical formula). Eg. Potassium chloride (KCl).

  14. For some entries ion concentration was not in mM. Since our default unit is mM, we have converted all the ion concentrations to mM.

  15. For many entries EDTA and DTT etc..were in the ION_NAME field. Now we have moved these to ADDITIVES.

  16. Names of the experimental method are unified.

  17. Checked and verified the binding data against each paper. The errors are corrected.

  18. Added PMID for all the references. The link to the reference is now using this PMID.

  19. Corrected the remarks for many entries.