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Graphical Real Value Prediction of Solvent Accessibility.

This program predicts the Real Values of Solvent Accessibility in a protein using our neural network algorithm. In this method, single residue information of neighbours is used for making prediction of Solvent accessibility. Algorithmic details of real value predictions may be found Here. Brief description of this server may be found Here.

Shandar Ahmad, M. Michael Gromiha and Akinori Sarai Bioinformatics 2003 19: 1849-1851

To predict ASA for a protein, Enter your sequence below in the text box or upload a file by clicking the "Browse" button. Plain text sequence or FASTA, SwissProt and PIR formats are accpeted for the input. Lower and upper cases are accepted for residue notations in single latter code. Letters not representing any residue (e.g. X and Z) and other symbols will be treated as unknown residues.

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