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Prediction of DNA binding proteins from electrical moments.

Moments based prediction of DNA-binding proteins Shandar Ahmad and Akinori Sarai, J. Mol. Biol. 341 (2004) 65-71
We have discovered a strong bias of DNA-binding proteins to have higher values of electric charge, dipole moment and quadrupole moments. So much so, that these moments can be used to identify a DNA-binding protein from others, if the structural information is available. In a control data set of proteins and a non-redundant set of DNA-binding proteins, following clearly distict distributions have been observed.
This server takes the coordinate data of a protein (in PDB format), calculates all electric moments and makes a prediction, if this protein is likely to be a DNA-binding protein. In addition, it provides information about charge, dipole moment, quadrupole moment, all components of the calculated quantities, molecular weight etc. A sample ouput of the program is shown below: (*Please note that currently we are using only C-alpha potential for online predictions, due to problem in adding hydrogen atoms to the structure, which is a slow process*).