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Solvent Accessibility graphics for proteins.

This server provides graphical representation of solvent accessibility of amino acid residues in proteins, with known structures. Proteins structures have been taken from the Protein Data Bank and DSSP program was used to compute their solvent accessibility. Absolute surface area (ASA) of each residue provided by DSSP was transformed to relative values of ASA. Two types of plots are provided here. First plot, called Spiral Plot is a new method to quickly notice the surface residues in a protein. These may be the residues of interest. These spiral plots are generated by sorting all residues by their relative solvent accessibility. The radius of the sphere representing each residue is proportional to the accessible surface area of that residue, thus enabling a visual estimate of more accessible residues. These residues are then arranged in form of a spiral, such that the inner residues in this spiral represent buried residues and more and more exposed residues come nearer to the outer ring of the spiral.
Spiral plots are followed by Bar plots. These Bar Plots display solvent accessibility of amino acid residues in form of bar charts. Residues are arranged in the order they appear in the original structure.
Graphics in Acrobat PDF format and PNG image format are provided. They can be downloaded or viewed online.

News (September 19, 2004):
ASAView can now be directly linked and accessed by the following dynamic URL:
Where xxxx refers to the four letter PDB code in lower case.
Y in the upper case is optional, for the chain name.

To get the graphical output of Solvent Accessibility for a pdb file, enter the pdb code (in lower case) below.
To add chain, add the chain name at the end. (Use original chain name as given in the PDB file.). Example query inputs are
(Lower case for pdb code).

To get an ASAView Plot for your own co-ordinate file,
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File should strictly be in PDB format. Maximum file size is 1.5 MB

This tool has been developed and is maintained by Shandar
ASAView: Solvent Accessibility Graphics for proteins.
Shandar Ahmad, M. Michael Gromiha, Hamed Fawareh and Akinori Sarai BMC Bioinformatics (2004) 5:51