Welcome to ABREN

Welcome to the Asian Bioinformatics Research and Education Network (ABREN), a non-profit organization to promote collaborative research and education in bioinformatics. The organization was established in 2004 under the support from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Japan. We have held online training workshops on bioinformatics every year to provide multimedia lectures. ABREN received an NPO status from Japanese government in 2009. Because of increased interest in the distant education, we have created a new system called e-Bio in 2012. In the new system, we provide some on-line lectures all the year round (to open public or to registered members), in addition to the regular closed workshops. We will also expand the field beyond bioinformatics, and provide various styles of educational materials (tutorials/demos of softwares and databases; experimental protocols, etc.). We try to add these materials gradually. We also plan to host various kinds of online workshops, focussed on specific topics, tutorial sessions, webcasting of regular conferences, etc. We would appreciate if you support ABREN to continue its activities.
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